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Upgrade your client's experience with private, ultra-secure digital custody

iTrust eliminates the manual burden of aggregating alternative investments, and makes it easy to generate customized reports in seconds. We free you up to spend more time designing and advising on client investment strategies.

Investor Services Digital Asset Custody.

Investor Services digital asset custody offers specialized custody solutions that enable family offices to serve a broader range of investor needs. Invest in traditional and alternative assets on a platform specifically designed for 401(k) and self-directed account investing.

Real-time Transacting

Open and fund investments accounts in real-time using checking and savings. Rollover a 401(k) or transfer an existing IRA.

Asset Management

Manage and self-direct investment accounts, transact traditional and alternative investments on one centralized platform.

Go Paperless

Select documents you want to send, receive, view, print, or save online. Benefit from alerts, eDelivery and more.

Our Fund Custody Services

Asset Custody

Investor Services provides an ultra-secure custodial trust accounting solution, built to enhance transparency through compliance and oversight that eliminates the risk of theft or loss of investments.

Oversight & Compliancy

Investor Services facilitates accurate, timely record keeping, reporting, and tax document processing. Our custody & administration services keeps investments IRS compliant.

Asset Administration

Our administration team facilitates account establishment, maintenance, and reporting of investment activity. Transactions are handled at the direction of the Account holder.

Specialized Assistance

Although we've fully automated the custodial trust processes, our dedicated specialists will provide you with any assistance you need, offering the highest level of service.

We're proud to be the security, technology, and price leader. Wealth Advisors that work with us benefit from our low administrative fees and exceptional governance in the eyes of your investors.

Our role as your trust accounting platform.

Investor Services offers independent custodial trust solutions that provide exceptional administration, reporting, and custody services to help you meet regulatory standards and focus on providing institutional-quality investment operations.

How does iTrust enable 401(k) and IRA investing?

A self-directed Individual Retirement Account only differs from other Individual Retirement Accounts in that the IRA owner has more control and flexibility when it comes to choosing investments. Typically, IRA investments are limited to exchange-traded assets like stocks and bonds. A custodian like iTrust offers self-directed IRA owners expanded investment options that include alternative investments.

Why does my firm need iTrust?

If you choose to invest in alternative assets with an IRA or other qualified plan, you must have a self-directed IRA custodian. This is required by the IRS.

The self-directed IRA custodian responsible for holding and administering the assets of your account. There is extensive record-keeping required by the IRS and the self-directed IRA custodian should help you handle the reporting of all investment activity within the account, including quarterly reports, processing of annual asset valuations and other documentation.

Investors and their advisors — not the IRA custodian — are solely responsible for evaluating the investment’s merits and suitability. As the term "self-directed IRA" implies, you are in control and making all investment decisions.

What services does iTrust perform?

What is digitial asset custody?

What are iTrust's service fees?

Find the right account for your client.

iTrust offers IRA accounts that cater to tax-free and tax-deferred growth strategies. Choose from a wide range of retirement accounts, qualified plans, and taxable accounts.

Traditional IRA

Offers a potential tax deduction in the year in which you contribute and defers taxes on distributions.

Traditional IRA

Tax Benefit: Tax-deferred growth
Annual Contribution: $5,500
Age Requirement: Under 70 1/2 y.o.
Income Requirement: No

Roth IRA

Enables investments made with after-tax dollars, and tax-free growth on qualified distributions.

Roth IRA

Tax Benefit: Tax-free growth
Annual Contribution: $5,500
Age Requirement: No
Income Requirement: Yes

Inherited IRA

Inherited IRAs may be passed onto living account holders by way of a qualified IRA account.

Inherited IRA

Tax Benefit: Tax-free growth
Annual Contribution: $5,500
Age Requirement: No
Income Requirement: Yes


Enables before-tax retirement contributions for business owners, their employees, and participants.


Tax Benefit: Tax-deferred growth
Annual Contribution:
Employer: $55,500
Additional Participants: Yes


Enables employee, employer, and participant contributions for companies under 100 employees.


Tax Benefit: Tax-deferred growth
Annual Contribution:
Employer: up to 3% income
Additional Participants: Yes

Individual 401(k) Plan

Permits self-employed individuals, with no full-time employees, to save for retirement with their spouses.

Individual 401(k) Plan

Tax Benefit: Tax-deferred & tax-free
Annual Contribution:
Employee: $18,500
Employer: $55,000
Additional Participants: Yes

Types of investments we custody.

iTrust works to provide investors with greater choices, control and flexibility. The accounts we offer support a diverse set of investing options, that we transact quickly, affordably, and securely.

The benefits of working with iTrust.

iTrust supports the growing demand for alternative investments through digital asset custody. We'll save you valuable time, and reduce overhead, all on a secure, modern infrastructure.

Low Fees

We’ve cut out the fat that makes other custodians too costly to do business with, making us the custodial trust company with the highest level of service, and lowest fees.

Streamline with eDelivery

With iTrust's eDelivery services, you can send, receive, view, print, or save documents online, making it easy to collect and consolidate financial information.

Highest Level of Security

Our multifaceted data security program ensures confidentiality and privacy. Your data is always protected whether it is in transit or at rest.

With over $14 trillion in investable retirement funds, giving your customers the option to invest using their 401(k)s and IRAs gives your company a competitive edge in raising capital.

An uninterrupted flow of synchronized digital custody

iTrust delivers a flexible infrastructure for the regulated financial custody and administration of traditional and alternative assets by combining expert services with first-class technology.

  • Open

    Customers on your site open an individual retirement account to fund their investment.

  • Fund

    Your customers fund their investment account using checking, savings, 401(k) and IRAs.

  • Invest

    Your customers fund their investment using the same standard seamless flow they've come to expect.

Upgrade Your Client's Experience

iTrust offers the best real-time cloud technology in the industry for 401(k) and IRA investing, giving your firm a scalable solution to raising capital.