Solutions for every type of investor along a broad range of strategies

Investor Services offers cloud-based ultra-secure trust accounting and custody solutions tailored to your unique investment offerings.

More investment options, flexibility and control

Investor Services enables an unlimited array of Traditional and Alternative investment options not found in conventional retirement accounts. With many investment options to choose from, you can give your clients the flexibility to build a tailored investment strategy that meet their short and long investment goals.

Traditional Investments

These types of assets are commonly found within the stock market.

Alternative Investments

Alternative assets, or non-exchange-traded funds offer diversity outside the stock market .

Prohibited Investments

These types of assets are not permissible in a qualified account or retirement plan.

When it comes to investing with your Retirement Account, you have plenty of options

When you look beyond traditional investments, there are a vast number of opportunities for self-directed Retirement Accounts for informed independent investors.

Real Estate

Promissory Notes

Brokerage Accounts

LLCs & LPs, C-corps

Precious Metals

Private Debt

Private Equity


Traditional Investments

Invest with an iTrust IRA

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Prohibited IRA investments include collectibles like artwork, coins (except for certain U.S. coins and bullion), stamps, rugs, antiques, beverages, S-corp stock, gemstones and metals (except for certain U.S. coins and bullion) and insurance contracts.

A broad definition of a prohibited transaction is the improper use of your IRA assets by you - the IRA owner - your beneficiary, or certain other parties who are referred to as "disqualified persons". Disqualified persons include:

  • Members of your family, such as your spouse, ancestor, lineal descendant and any spouse of a lineal descendant.
  • Any party that exercises discretionary authority or discretionary control in managing your IRA or exercises any authority or control in managing or disposing of its assets.
  • Any party that charges to provide investment advice with respect to your IRA or has any authority or responsibility to do so.
  • Any party that has any discretionary authority or discretionary responsibility in administering your IRA.
  • Your IRA custodian/trustee.
  • Any entity in which you own at least a 50% share.

Yes. iTrust will process the purchase of publicly-offered investments such as public, non-traded REITs or BDCs, public LPs or public LLCs.

Yes, owners of traditional IRAs can convert their traditional IRA into a Roth IRA. They will be required to pay income taxes on the amount being converted in the year the conversion is completed.

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An uninterrupted flow of synchronized digital custody

Investor Services delivers a flexible infrastructure for the custody and administration of traditional and alternative assets by combining expert services with ultra-secure best-of-class technology.

  • Open

    Customers on your site open an individual retirement account to fund their investment.

  • Fund

    Your customers fund their investment account using checking, savings, 401(k) and IRAs.

  • Invest

    Your customers fund their investment using the same standard seamless flow they've come to expect.

Upgrade Your Client's Experience

iTrust offers the most secure real-time fully automated cloud platform in the industry for 401(k) and IRA investing, giving your family the ability to further their reach.